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The Natural Way to Solve the Cardiovascular Diseases That Kill the Most People!
1. Improves blood circulation in the heart muscles.
2. Normalizes blood pressure.
3. Prevents the formation of blood clots.
4. Improves the tone of the heart and coronary vessels.
5. Prevents stroke and heart attack or improves the subsequent rehabilitation process.
6. Strengthens the heart and body.
7. Normalizes fluid levels in the blood.
8. Positively affects the general condition.
Beneficial properties of Cardio Control and Omega 3-6-9 products:
The composition of the products is 100% natural and halal.
1. Muscle oil from wild salmon that lives at the bottom of the White Sea improves blood circulation in the heart muscles.
2. Apricot – Prevents the formation of blood clots. Improves the tone of the heart and coronary vessels. Regulates heart rate.
3. Grape molasses – Strengthens the heart, lowers cholesterol.
4. Hawthorn extract – helps overcome heart failure, chest pain, arrhythmia, lowers blood pressure, and is effective in getting rid of atherosclerosis. Dilates blood vessels.
5. Namatak – extremely necessary for human health, C; B2; PP; E; TO; There are herbs, organic acids and mineral salts.
6. Lemon water helps lower blood pressure, reduce stress, keep skin healthy and help the liver stay healthy.
7. Pomegranate juice and 10 unique medicinal plants prevent and eliminate problems in the cardiovascular system.
8. Certificates!
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