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95% of Uzbek citizens have iodine deficiency, as a result of which a number of serious diseases have been raised at the state level. Endomarine solves this problem.
Helps with diseases of the thyroid gland.
Prevents and restores hormonal imbalances
Strengthens memory, improves mental activity, helps with chronic fatigue and depression.
Normalizes metabolism
Endo Marine
“Endomarine” is your natural and reliable assistant
Iodine-rich Endomarine;
It consists of unique feijoa, pectin, guava leaves, sea calcium, apple juice, turnip leaves and other plants grown in an organic environment and provides the body with iodine, which is necessary for laughter.

Due to the absence of seas and oceans around the territory of Uzbekistan, the amount of iodine in the products we consume is very low; it is recognized as an endemic, that is, iodine-deficient region.

According to statistics from the Ministry of Health, 65% of adults and 95% of children in our country have iodine deficiency.

Organic and Halal, Endomarine has the ability to prevent and reverse diseases caused by iodine deficiency, hormonal changes, thyroid diseases, nerve diseases and more than 60,000 people have received positive results from the product.

The Association of Dietitians of Uzbekistan recommends!
ENDOMARINE is of great importance for human health!
Endomarine protects against what diseases?
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