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Vitamin D3
The product is recognized by doctors all over the world as the most necessary for the body!
Useful Features
Strengthens bones and joints
Strengthens immunity
This ensures that the pregnancy period goes smoothly.
Eliminates complications after COVID-19
“Vitamin D3” – takes care of your health
A product with vitamin D3 promotes the absorption of many vitamins and micro-macroelements entering our body. For this reason, many sports masters regularly use this product to avoid injury and recover from various injuries.
Despite the fact that Uzbekistan is considered a sunny country, unfortunately, we do not get vitamin D from the sun in the right amount at the right time. In addition, due to the deterioration of our atmosphere today, along with vitamins from the sun, various harmful factors appear.

Guli Shaykhova, Professor of Medical Sciences, conducted scientific work on our product, which has a moderate amount of vitamin D in the body and has shown positive results in thousands of people, resulting in it being awarded the highest award internationally. competition for women inventors held in Korea, they were found worthy of a place and received the “Golden Prize”.
Vitamin D3 is important for human health
What diseases does
VITAMIN D3 protect against?
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