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Diabetes is no longer scary!
1. Reduces colds and cramps in the arms and legs.
2. Normalizes blood pressure (pressure) due to the uniform flow of liquid blood to the brain.
3. It is useful to take a thorough bath.
4. Reduces the urge to urinate and urinary incontinence.
5. Relieves tinnitus, blurred vision, headaches and nervousness.
6. Eliminates fatigue and chronic fatigue, helps you walk energetically throughout the day.
Benefits of Insulin Balance and Igneus products:
The composition of the products is 100% natural and halal.
Jerusalem artichoke - lowers blood sugar levels, improves blood flow, reduces excess weight, improves pancreas function.
Grape molasses - Strengthens the heart, lowers cholesterol, gives energy to the body.
Papaya leaf – relieves headaches, calms the nervous system.
Pumpkin seeds - According to scientists, eating pumpkin seeds is beneficial for diabetes - they help increase tissue sensitivity to insulin, as well as the production of antioxidant enzymes responsible for fighting inflammation in the body, increasing secretory potential.
ginger root, high-quality nigella sativum grains, costus extract, lemon juice, felt and more than 10 other unique medicinal plants that enhance immunity. Regulates blood pressure. Prevents and reverses serious complications of diabetes.
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