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There is a natural solution to delicate and serious problems!
1. Reduces inflammation in the genitals
2. Normalizes the amount of estrogen.
3. Provides a painless menstrual cycle.
4. If the days of the menstrual cycle are disturbed, it is normalized.
5. Prevents the growth of tumors
6. Reduces the risk of cyst growth in the genitals.
7. Reduces unpleasant odors caused by organ inflammation.
8. Reduces unwanted separation of participants
Beneficial properties of igneus and endomarine products:
The composition of the products is 100% natural and halal.
The combined use of Endomarine and Ignie products gives positive results in the following cases!
1. Menstrual irregularities.
2. Various problems during climax
3. Endometritis
4. Myoma
5. Cyst
6. Hormonal changes
7. Various colds of the genital organs.

It contains high-quality nigella sativa grains, costus extract, guava leaf, feijoa fruit, angustata kelp, pumpkin seed oil and 10 rare medicinal plants in nature!
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