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1. Reduces the harmful effects of viruses that damage the liver, dangerous types of hepatitis B, C, D.
2. Prevents the occurrence of liver cirrhosis.
3. Dissolves fats that inflame the liver.
4. Helps create new, healthy cells to replace liver cells killed by the virus.
5. Cleanses the liver of harmful toxins.
6. Reduces the number of viruses circulating in the blood.
7. Gives energy to the body, eliminating cases of weakness, fatigue, abdominal obesity that arise as a complication of liver disease.
8. Maximizes natural immunity.
Beneficial properties of Detox Hepar Energy and Ignius products
Liver diseases are no longer dangerous
The composition of the products is 100% natural and halal.
1. Bitter watermelon extract – cucurbitacin content helps fight viruses and cleanse the blood.
2. The substance resveratrol contained in grape extract reduces the activity of viruses.
3. Vitamin A – nourishes liver cells and helps them recover quickly.
4. Substances helenin and citrulline - give energy to the body.
5. More than 10 amino acids - increase the number of immune cells and help quickly overcome the disease.
6. Lemon, ginger, unsaturated fatty acids - reduce bad cholesterol levels and dissolve accumulated fats.
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